Posted on: November 16, 2009 6:11 pm

MJD should've been compelled to score that TD!

I know that MJD made the "smart" decision seeing that JAX's defense is a sieve, but this a the problem w/NFL gamesmanship today.  Rather than playing your best for the full 60 minutes, players and coaches look for LOOP-HOLES like this or like taking a knee to end the game in the last 1:30 of play. 

I know the rules allow for this sort of "clock management", but whatever happened to playing hard for 60 minutes?   In my book this should be a delay of game penalty! 

I think that Goodell and the NFL need to review these "loopholes" like they did challengeable/reviewable calls and apply this logic to these situations.  Crazy things happen under the 2 minute warning that shouldn't be allowed.  Teams should not be allowed to take knees or avoid scores during this time and should endeavor to play to their fullest for the entire 60 minute of game play.

And for those of you that say, "Well, that's fine for fantasy play, but this is reality and coaches use the clock to win real games!" I say Nertz!  This IS FOOTBALL.  Play hard for 60 or go home.  Taking knees under the two minute is for sissies!  Besides it it weren't for fantasy play it wouldn't enjoy the giant leap popularity it has now over ALL other sports.

CHANGE THE RULEBOOK, Goodell, so we can actually watch 60 minutes of real football.
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